Friday, March 23, 2007

Subaru Bob

Bob, I hope that Nancy can read this to you, we met 20+ years ago, you gave me my first pair of custom Van's shoes, in exchange I delivered, spokes, wheels, bearings and sometimes even bikes on my way home from work. Bikefactory was a 2 nights a week stop off.

Later you followed another path, and once again our paths crossed. Every morning we met at the park n ride in Eastgate, and commuted to work together. You were my first car pool buddy, we traveled miles back and forth together. You shared your love of bikes, boarding and cars.

I think of you often, saw you in January and gave you a big hug. I am hoping that we can do that again..

I would like to write more but you know I miss you, I wish for you the very best and thank Nancy for everything that she is doing for you.


(SBS Retiree)

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