Tuesday, March 27, 2007


OK something I’ll always remember, the beginning.
I first met Bob about 20 years ago when I worked for Seattle Bike Supply. You were the owner of Bikefactory in Belleview. I was visiting SBS for a meeting at the office and was stuck there for the weekend. I think it was Hooper who called you and said he had some long haired clown from So Cal who needs something to do for the weekend. So they gave me a van and a map and sent me off. We met up in the morning along side the road. (Think about it, So Cal, Van, Snow, Ice, yea that should have really worked fine) You took me snowboarding at the pass and needless to say trashed me, but I got addicted. We stayed at the house you build in the middle of the forest with as little harm to the surroundings as possible that night, the house was way cool. You had this big black lab Boofer, I remember because he shared the bed with me that night. When I got up in the middle of the night to take a leak I almost pissed myself as he acted like he was going to bite my head off for getting up, but by morning it was all good he didn’t eat me. We have touched base over the years but as in life not often enough. Some my think at first you are hard to know, but you are one of the most honest, caring, fun loving people to ever cross my path. I always remember it as an instant friendship. You are one of those who bring a smile to my face when I think of them. Keep positive my friend; I am really surprised you haven’t scared the cancer away. Well I’ll be thinking of you (smiling) and hoping for the best.

Have someone give you a big hug and think of me thinking of you.

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