Saturday, March 31, 2007

Costa Rica....Jim

Hi buddy....Just want to thank you for all those years of long distance friendship and great feelings of mutual CAN`T BELIEVE HOW MUCH I miss your humor& help in many more ways than just bike stuff,Savage to the demorats.The trip to Costa Rica with the three teenage boys was very memoriable to say the least....2 or 3 to 1 in terms of the brown bueaties....had to have a leash on the boys ...all good though.we need to make a trip after you beat this thing...I`ll buy the ticket.Maybe you ought to dig out the old greatful dead cap and wear it for karma and therapy...I`m wanting to do something for you so, name it....keep fighting and remember my heart is really with you Bob.... Your Friend.....Jim send you some Costa Rica pictures from this address....Jim

Friday, March 30, 2007

To my friend Bob Barci

Bob I cannot begin to say what is on my heart. I have known you for almost 10 years and in all that time your genuine joy is something that I will cherish as long as I am alive. Bob I have many people whom I know but not many whom I can truly call a friend, you are one who I call my friend and that makes me a better person with you as my friend. God bless you and Nancy

Tommy Yadon

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


OK something I’ll always remember, the beginning.
I first met Bob about 20 years ago when I worked for Seattle Bike Supply. You were the owner of Bikefactory in Belleview. I was visiting SBS for a meeting at the office and was stuck there for the weekend. I think it was Hooper who called you and said he had some long haired clown from So Cal who needs something to do for the weekend. So they gave me a van and a map and sent me off. We met up in the morning along side the road. (Think about it, So Cal, Van, Snow, Ice, yea that should have really worked fine) You took me snowboarding at the pass and needless to say trashed me, but I got addicted. We stayed at the house you build in the middle of the forest with as little harm to the surroundings as possible that night, the house was way cool. You had this big black lab Boofer, I remember because he shared the bed with me that night. When I got up in the middle of the night to take a leak I almost pissed myself as he acted like he was going to bite my head off for getting up, but by morning it was all good he didn’t eat me. We have touched base over the years but as in life not often enough. Some my think at first you are hard to know, but you are one of the most honest, caring, fun loving people to ever cross my path. I always remember it as an instant friendship. You are one of those who bring a smile to my face when I think of them. Keep positive my friend; I am really surprised you haven’t scared the cancer away. Well I’ll be thinking of you (smiling) and hoping for the best.

Have someone give you a big hug and think of me thinking of you.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Best wishes from!

Bob.....gOrk said you were battlin' with health concerns, and wanted folks to help with nice notes and good health wishes and all, so, here I am.

Although I don't know you very well, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the impact that you have had via SBS/Redline.

I know you're involved with Interbike, bein' a Salesrep and all, and I know that your efforts at SBS have all worked together to help make our wacky little sport of BMX what it has become.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication to selling a great product that has benefitted kids all across the world for years and years, U R Most Certainly D Man!

You have the best wishes and prayers from everyone here at BMX Mania, (Me, my laptop and my Dining Room table.....Ha!). I will remember you in prayer and petition God for healing in your body as you fight the good fight!

Best wishes
Jerry Landrum/

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bob Barci -- SBS rep

Our relationship with Bob is purely professional. He became our sales rep for SBS after Casey. After reading the various messages posted, it is wonderful to learn a little about the Bob we didn't know. But we're not surprised -- his passion and sincerity comes through in his voice over the phone. We want Bob to know that we always appreciate his prompt return of phone calls, how he always calls to let us know what items aren't in stock when we fax an order and how he remembers to let us know when an item that we want is back in stock. Sounds basic but very few sales reps can do these things consistently. He goes beyond the basics too and keeps us informed about special payment terms or sales, and he "went to bat" for us to get us a better freight allowance. Bob is also one of the few reps who never fails to thank us for the Hawaii themed calendars we send out every year. And he doesn't just thank us, he gushs over them! So we keep them coming every year! Take care Bob! Your board shoes will be tough to fill!!

Jayne & Jay Kim, Eki Cyclery, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hard to believe.

It is. Anyone that knows Bob Barci would find it hard to believe that I didn't like him at first. No, not one bit. But then, you need to factor in a couple points. Such as I was a teenager and I was basing my judgement (or pre-judgement) on the words of a couple other teenagers. Funny thing about teenagers, they just know everything, right? See, you couldn't be into BMX freestyle in the Puget Sound region and not have at least heard of Bikefactory, if not at least stopping in to pick up a couple tires they had in stock that no one else even carried. I happened to become friends with a couple guys that had been sponsored by Bikefactory and had heard them lament how little Bob paid for and supplied. Because teenagers, of course, know all about the financial responsibilities of owning/running a small business. So armed with the opinions of my friends I hung a hat of disdain for Bob on my head, and there it was sitting still, some eight years later, when he came to work for Seattle Bike a few months after I began working there. It was not but a few months more that my 'hat' was put to the test. As I eluded to earlier I am a freestyle rider, and there was a consumer bike expo in Portland that my friend and I were scheduled to perform a demo at, in conjunction with the Redline Booth, which was being manned by Michael Adamson and Bob Barci. We got things set up the night before the expo and the four of us went to a nice dinner at Cucina, Cucina. That's when I really met Bob for the first time. That virtual hat I was wearing was immediately blown away by his virtual potato cannon. I was ashamed of myself for judging someone for so long on nearly baseless information. Right there in that restaurant I experienced first hand the passion that is so often (and not just on this page) associated with Bob's spirit. My entire view of Bob changed that night and I am always excited, even now, when I have a chance to hang out with Bob, even if just for a few minutes in the break room at SBS. I've had the honor of bombing a run at Snoqulamie Summit with him, eating pizza and listening to him tell stories on a street corner in Ontario, getting a tour of his snowboard artifacts and photography, sitting beside him in his Cobra (which has been my dream car since I was a child) as he zipped down a curvy road, and being present when he and Nancy took their vows of marriage. I feel privileged to have had a chance to really get to know Bob and share some amazing times with him and I will forever be a better man just in having him for a friend, for he inspires the best in all those around him.

Thanks Bob!

My love and prayers are with you and Nancy.


ps., Your Brat is likely my second favorite car in the world now... and the new pics are up at

I’m not surprised but amazed…

I meet you Bob just a couple of short years ago at a Legends Car Club meeting when joining the club. As I became acquainted with all the new faces, there was one guy that stood out to me anyway as very approachable, great smile, genuine, and fun to boot… not saying anything bad about the others, but you had that little something extra…

As I got to know you a little better in the weeks that followed, it was clear why… You had passion… not just for one thing, but for everything in your multi-dimensional interests… winter sports, cars, photography, guns, and dare I say Potato launchers!

The event that I felt I was able to get to know you better was our first road rally... that was so fun, clearly you and Nancy spent countless hours organizing and perfecting this event that was enjoyed by everyone… you may remember that I brought along my brother… first time in 20 years we spent a day doing something together away from our families and we had a blast! I thank you for providing that opportunity.

The following year being drafted by Dave Dunn to be on the events committee I found myself designing the route for the next road rally… It was stressful to say the least… would they like it or not… I’ve only known so many of these people for just a year… would it be a bust? Dave, Jenny, and I drove it… made some slight revisions, and off to the races… I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to hear those stories of you, Ken, and the others tearing up the road having a blast… I was genuinely touched when you presented to me an “Extra Mile” badge for that event… coming from you that meant a lot to me.

So I get the email, saddened to hear you’re in a fight with this damn cancer again and it’s taking a toll… the email encouraging me to post something about you that may cheer you up a bit, perhaps reflect on some events… My first thoughts were me? I’m no wordsmith and I can barely communicate vocally with any clarity!

I finally get the courage to “say something” and log onto the website setup by your friends at the bike shop thinking maybe I can up with something to say… and upon reading every single post, one thing become so very clear to me… You’ve touched so many people in so many different ways and such a wide array of interests that I just kept reading the posts again and again being absorbed by the outpouring of love and respect from everyone.

I’m not surprised but amazed how one person could have such an impact on so many people. Then it dawned on me that here… once again… even when I’m attempting to share an experience... it was I who was being enriched by our paths crossing. The experience of reading everything that was being said made me take some time to reflect.

While many people peruse all the trapping of the things that often define success, wealth and prosperity… your riches and success are beyond monetary values… You’ve impacted people’s lives in so many ways on a personal level that it can’t be measured or even described by someone like me to any level that approaches par to the impact of you being you… has with everyone you touch

I for one an very honored and blessed to have been standing in the right place at the right time to have our paths cross …

Thank you!

With much love, respect, and prayers to you and Nancy…

Al Thomas

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Snowboarder Bob Barci

I don't actually remember meeting Bob for the first time. I know it was at the Bike Factory and during the WASA skateboard contest era, early 80's. When I met Bob I knew immediately he was the master of the same sports that I am into, skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing.
Bob always has stories and insight into the industry and product developments that I care about and want to know the latest on. I will always remember him telling me about, "The Bob Plate." (He had made a custom pair of snowboard bindings out of white plastic and was proud to tell you how they were working.) I would see Bob almost every summer at Mt. Hood snowboarding.
He has stories about Carter Turk bombing the Mt. Baker hwy standing up and melting wheels off. He has stories about surfing in Washington in the 60's with a wool sweater, before wetsuits! Bob has the stories I want to know about and learn from. The number of people that have benefited from him is too many to count. Everyone, I mean everyone knows who Bob Barci is. Bob was instrumental in getting the first skateboard and snowboard contest series off the ground. Effecting thousands of young peoples lives and futures, including myself. The Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom race was Bob's brain child!
Bob is close to our entire family and always good to us. He never grows tired of helping, sharing, and giving some good advise.
He dedicates his life to having fun with his friends, meeting new ones, and living. Bob has made a big impression on my life.

Thank you Bob-

matt cummins

From Gerry in Hawaii

Bob and I made plans over the last couple of years to do some adventures in the islands. Such as riding the old sugarcane flumes in the Kohala area and the possiblity of him returning to the Big Island to live. I'm still going to take that flume ride because I know Bob will be there. I can only wish you the best and extend that I do not believe in an ending but just a starting of a new journey. I will definitly drink wine on the top of Mauna Kea and be thinking of you, Bob. Bob is a special person and I miss talking to him and seeing him at the show. But I would imagine that he is the point man for us all. God Bless to both of you --Nancy and Bob

Friday, March 23, 2007

Subaru Bob

Bob, I hope that Nancy can read this to you, we met 20+ years ago, you gave me my first pair of custom Van's shoes, in exchange I delivered, spokes, wheels, bearings and sometimes even bikes on my way home from work. Bikefactory was a 2 nights a week stop off.

Later you followed another path, and once again our paths crossed. Every morning we met at the park n ride in Eastgate, and commuted to work together. You were my first car pool buddy, we traveled miles back and forth together. You shared your love of bikes, boarding and cars.

I think of you often, saw you in January and gave you a big hug. I am hoping that we can do that again..

I would like to write more but you know I miss you, I wish for you the very best and thank Nancy for everything that she is doing for you.


(SBS Retiree)

The FIrst Time I met Bob.

I will never forget the first time Bob and I met. The car club was setting up for the annual car show during Railroad Days in Snoqualmie. I had walked back to my car to pick up something and saw this fellow with a slight beard and a ponytail walking around the cars. I asked him if I could help him, his response was to ask me what all the cars were doing in Snoqualmie. I explained to him that our car club was putting on a show during Railroad Days. I asked him if he had a car, his response with a big smile was that he owned a replica Cobra plus some regular cars. As we walked towards my car, I asked him if he was interested in joining the club. He asked alot of questions regarding the club, like what we did besides the shows. Anyway I got a membership application out of my car and handed it to Bob telling him he should come to our next meeting. That was the beginning of a great and wonderful friendship. It has been my pleasure to have spent many enjoyable hours at shows, at the clubs many picnics, christmas partys and meetings.

Bobs passion for cars and the people in the sport has touched so many of us. His passion for life, his respect of everyone and his kindness will be with us all.

My thoughts are with you Bob and your wonderful wife Nancy.

Art Larson

Talbots to Seattle

I have a warm place in my heart for Bob. Before I took the outside rep position here in Seattle for Specialized, I worked with Bob on a weekly basis as the GM and buyer for Talbot's Cyclery in San Mateo, WA. He was my favorite inside rep. He always returned calls right away and He even visited my shop a couple of times while I was there. We did quite good BMX business together and because of Bob, I've always had a lot of respect for Redline and Seattle Bike Supply. To this day, I still wear a red, white and blue Redline t-shirt that Bob sent me as a way of thanks for the business we were doing.....I never wear it to any of the shops that I sell to though.....

My prayers go out to Bob for a swift recovery. He needs to be back in his Cobra.

T. Regan Green
Specialized Bicycle Components

get well Bob

Hi Bob
So sorry to here that the cancer is back. I am not good at remembering stores to retell them. So I am just going to say that I am praying for you. Business is going well and I Hoping to be able to tell you all about it when you get back. Think Positive and keep your thumbs up.

Get Well
John Page Jr
Pedal Paddle Lake Chelan

Bob Barci, The Cheerleader? :-)

He doesn’t realize it, but Bob was a critical partner in our shop’s development. When we opened up in 2002, ours was a one-man shop. John set up and ran the whole place by himself while I worked full-time to support us. SBS was the first vendor John signed with and Bob was the first rep John dealt with. With no background in the business aspect of the industry, John frequently called Bob to ask for his trusted opinion when faced with tricky situations. Bob’s experience, wisdom and patience undoubtedly helped us survive that first year.

When I came on full-time a year later, I took over ordering and got to experience Bob’s kindness for myself. I know that when I call Bob with an order, I am going to hang up in a better mood and feeling more confident. I don't even know if he realizes he's doing it, but Bob just makes me and John feel more empowered. And like I’ve told him before, he has ruined me for everyone else! He has set the bar so high for service and reliability that nobody else can come close to living up to our expectations now! He is so dependable that I suspected right away that something was wrong. He didn’t return one of my emails one day and Bob always returns my messages. - I can count on that! So he’s been in our prayers for awhile now, and will continue to be while he’s fighting this.

Bob, we thank you for being our cheerleader, our trusted advisor, and our friend in business. You’ve lifted our spirits so many times, and we hope yours are lifted by reading how much you mean to so many people. We are faithful that you will beat this. God bless you and your family, and may your health be restored soon.

Vanessa McCracken
Madera Bike Shop

Let's do a poker run!

Hey Bob, remember the first Poker run you and Nancy spearheaded for the club? I always knew you had a serious passion for everything you do but it really came out when you put together our first poker run. It was the first time you and I really worked together on something and it was such a pleasure. You and Nancy must have driven that route enough to wear out a set of tires but you guys never complained, as a matter of fact you really enjoyed it. That lead to other events we have since done together and you have been a large part of everyone enjoying them. You set the bar high for all of us, the passion you show for everything from photography, car shows, bikes, Potato guns, is second to none.
Thank you and Nancy for being the generous, terrific people you are, you are in all of our thoughts and prayers.
Dave & Jennie Dunn

Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Everything I need is right here"

I really got to know Bob from traveling with him during business trips for Seattle Bike Supply. He and I would travel together to put on consumer bike shows in Portland , OR in the early 90's. On the first trip we took together, I noticed that Bob only had this tan colored, leather-looking, ugly suitcase that was very very small. I asked him where his other clothes and "stuff" was? He just patted the small and ugly suitcase and said that "everything I need is right here". We got to our room and as he unpacked he was right. He really knew how to pack light.

We travelled to Las Vegas for many years and that very small and very ugly suitcase made every trip. I could hear other reps ask him the same question I had asked- "Bob, where's the rest of your stuff"? He would always answer the same way, "Everything I need is right here".

I grew up a skier and just never thought I would get into snowboarding. Bob talked about teaching me to snowboard and I would gently say maybe later. A few years went by and finally I decided I was ready. Bob drove me to Snoqualmie Pass and all the way up to the lifts he instructed me on what to do. The things he said I needed to do to snowboard were so simple and made so much sense to me that I figured he was just yaking and yaking to make the trip go by. I got to use his hard boots and his favorite snowboard that had his own design of bindings mounted to it. Wow, was I cool!!
In one night, Bob had me going down the hill, heel side and toe side and from one side of the run to the other, up all the lifts that the mountain had to offer. To this day ( amost 8 years now) I remember Bob's lesson on grabbing the "Buddha's belly" with my right hand and pointing in the direction I want to go with my left arm. My daughter learned some of Bob's boarding techniques during a few trips with him at Snoqualmie Pass and at MT Baker. I have taught a few of my daughters freinds to snowboard and I use the same simple techniques that Bob instilled in me. Snowboarding has taken me places all over the western US. My daughter and I have been to MT Baker for the Banked Slalom race, to Colorado a couple of times, and MT Hood in July! All of these places I never would have experienced had Bob not been persistant and taught me about snowboarding.

Bob says many times to me and his fellow friends of Bill W, that the answer is in the Big Book ..."We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace. No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others. That feeling of uselessness and self-pity will disappear. We will lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our fellows. Self-seeking will slip away. Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change."

Everything I need is right here.
Michael Adamson
Seattle Bike Supply

My first snowboarding trip with Bob.

Bob was the first one to teach me REALLY how to snowboard. My dad tried to teach me at first but I just wasn't understanding. When Bob came along and helped me; it was like a dream! He made it look so easy, it pursued me to follow my dream. He also introduced me to many snowboarders I looked up to. Once, we were at a competition and he introduced me to my then idol: Barrett Christy. He introduced me to many other people that I didn't even know existed and are amazing snowboarders. He has been so caring and thoughtful to me over the years, and I really appretiate it. Thank you so much..
Lia- Michael Adamson's daughter
P.S. I will always think of you when I am pursuing my dreams in snowboarding.

A Day in the Woods with Bob

A couple of years ago Bob invited me to visit his home. I brought my grandson Jake with me. Bob had taken us on a tour of SBS a few weeks earlier . Bob met us in town and led the way up to his place. Nancy fixed coffee and pancakes for us while we talked cars.After breakfast,we toured the Barci Subaru Museum. Who knew they made so many different cars. Then it was off to the woods to shoot up some cans,bottles, plastic tubs and other stuff. It was cold but the smile on Jakes face was as warm as a summer day. We hiked back after running out of ammo. Bob had saved the best for last. He broke the hermetic seal on the little shed that keeps his Cobra warm and dry.After a couple of cranks the Cobra roared .After a few instructions and a plea not to scratch the door ,Jake was strapped in the seat of Bob's prize car.No words can describe his joy. I have the pictures to prove it.
Bob has been a great friend, Source of information and inspiration I miss his weekly calls . I know he will be back and healthy soon. My prayers and wishes for a quick recovery are yours Bob Your Friends Jack Christman and Jake Dougherty at Ashland Street Bicycles PS Jake gets his license in June and would love to take the Cobra out for a spin!!!!

Bob's Great Influence

Bob...We never talked about snowboarding and rarely the bike industry. Our relationship was based on our love of photography and imagery and interpretation. For you Bob it was all about passion. This simple image of mine will always remind me of you. While others viewed a bathroom fixture, you talked of tension and power and grace. You saw a battle! You saw all that? You amazed and inspired me and changed the way I think about photography and life. You invited my family into your home and showed me your astounding b/w images. Those few hours in your attic discussing each image in depth was a lesson I'll never forget. Thank you for sharing your passion. God bless you Bob. K. Dave SBS Purchasing

Idaho Snow Cat Trip

My first snowcat trip was with Bob and Nancy in February, 2001. For years Bob had been talking about this rider owned snowcat company, Peak Adventures, and the amazing amount of Idaho snow they get. Scotty Matual, Randall, Jimmy James, Nathan Blades, Bob, Nancy and I all decided to go ride SnowCats to the backcountry on Saturday, ride Silver Mountain on Sunday and hustle back to Seattle on Sunday night. Friday we all left and we heard from Peak Adventures that they had 12-15" of fresh that no one had ridden it yet. We woke up the next morning in Idaho to sun and blue skies. After some avalanche training we headed up in the SnowCat to the peaks of the St. Joe Mountains. Bob warned me that "the snow is going to be so deep up here you're going to need a snorkel". We get all set to ride and Bob comes out wearing a snorkel ready to drop in on his swallowtail board! Too funny! He was right though, the snow was light and deep and the weather was unbelievable. At lunch we built a kicker off the snowcat trail to jump. We all took turns but Nate stepped up and blew us away with his big Rodeo Flips out into the deep pow. What an epic trip! Bob, you definitely passed on some of your energy and excitement to me that day. Thank you...Evan Moss, Art Director, SBS.


The stories, photos, and time that you spent sharing with me are treasures that I will keep for the rest of my life. From Platinum The Movie to the break room at work, you brought back a passion for riding that I hadn't had felt in a long time. Your soul burns bright and it's obvious that you have a gift that touches people with compassion, energy and life! Bob, you talk about the brotherhood but I see you more as a father of the brotherhood. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for putting the "stoke" back into my soul!

Thinking of you,
Matt Swart
SBS Purchasing Dept.

Dear Bob

Dear Bob,
Your legacy has touched me and many with your spirit, your un-wavered wisdom, your integrity and enthusiasm, your perseverance to overcome, your genuine compassion for others and your friendship…Thank you.
You can rest-assured Bob, that your customer’s orders have shipped and we will take good care of your accounts in your absence!
May God bless you and your soul and give you eternal peace.
Brent Carlson
Seattle Bike Supply

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Tribute To Bob

All of us at Seattle Bike Supply would like to take the opportunity to pay tribute to one of the bicycle industry’s finest; Mr. Bob Barci. Bob has been with SBS for over 12 years. And all who have worked with him, have a great deal of respect for him, and have learned that he is one of the most loving, humble and passionate people we’ve ever worked with.

Not so long ago, Bob was diagnosed with cancer. Today, as he continues to battle this debilitating disease, he could use our support.

As our thoughts and prayers go out to Bob and his wife Nancy, we would like to ask that any of you who may have a memorable Bob Barci story that you would like to share, to please do so. Our hope, is that Bob will gain strength or maybe just a smile from your kind words.

Thank-you for your thoughts,

The Seattle Bike Supply Staff

Bob Barci---An American Original

Vietnam Vet and proud of it
Reagan Republican—love that American flag tie
The Subaru Brat—what a restoration—auto beauty—perfection
The Cobra—symbol of America auto highpoint
Pioneer in BMX—snowboarding, skateboarding
Love of life—A real life Zorba!
Unassuming and humble
Sharing his passions with you
Love of customer’s, esp. to meet face to face on his and Nancy’s road trips
Would you like to go snowboarding???

Bob Barci
The world will miss your spirit.

--Tim Rutledge
Performance Bicycle Marketing Manager @ SBS

Path of Passion

A fool I am
That’s what I say
Trials and tribulations
Consuming most days
All seems irrelevant
With the news of your condition
Knowing your struggle
As it demands your submission
My focus turns to you
Capturing what I may
Your requests for my attention
To share stories of yesterday
Listen is what I’d do
While you share a thought
About what excites & engages you
Yet others, it may not
And shame sees me now
I only used one ear you see
I didn’t allow myself to hear
The full story of Bob Barci
Now I look back
And have a glimmer of satisfaction
Learn to be like you
Knowing you’ve walked
A path of passion

We all have wings
Not all will fly
You flew, Bob
And have inspired me to try.

By: Jeannie Klaiber
SBS Customer Service

Bob Barci is the definition of Snowboarding

Bob Barci is a true pioneer in the sport snowboarding. Nothing stoked me more than hearing his stories about banked slalom races, heliboarding in canada, snowcat trips and the infamous Bob Plate. Below is a few collaged frames taken from the movie "Platinum" which featured Bob and how the Mt. Baker Banked Slalom came to be. If you haven't had a chance to watch it, rent it and you'll get a taste of Bob's passion for snowboarding. Fresh pow & blue birds forever! - Evan Moss, Art Director, SBS