Thursday, March 22, 2007

Idaho Snow Cat Trip

My first snowcat trip was with Bob and Nancy in February, 2001. For years Bob had been talking about this rider owned snowcat company, Peak Adventures, and the amazing amount of Idaho snow they get. Scotty Matual, Randall, Jimmy James, Nathan Blades, Bob, Nancy and I all decided to go ride SnowCats to the backcountry on Saturday, ride Silver Mountain on Sunday and hustle back to Seattle on Sunday night. Friday we all left and we heard from Peak Adventures that they had 12-15" of fresh that no one had ridden it yet. We woke up the next morning in Idaho to sun and blue skies. After some avalanche training we headed up in the SnowCat to the peaks of the St. Joe Mountains. Bob warned me that "the snow is going to be so deep up here you're going to need a snorkel". We get all set to ride and Bob comes out wearing a snorkel ready to drop in on his swallowtail board! Too funny! He was right though, the snow was light and deep and the weather was unbelievable. At lunch we built a kicker off the snowcat trail to jump. We all took turns but Nate stepped up and blew us away with his big Rodeo Flips out into the deep pow. What an epic trip! Bob, you definitely passed on some of your energy and excitement to me that day. Thank you...Evan Moss, Art Director, SBS.

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