Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Day in the Woods with Bob

A couple of years ago Bob invited me to visit his home. I brought my grandson Jake with me. Bob had taken us on a tour of SBS a few weeks earlier . Bob met us in town and led the way up to his place. Nancy fixed coffee and pancakes for us while we talked cars.After breakfast,we toured the Barci Subaru Museum. Who knew they made so many different cars. Then it was off to the woods to shoot up some cans,bottles, plastic tubs and other stuff. It was cold but the smile on Jakes face was as warm as a summer day. We hiked back after running out of ammo. Bob had saved the best for last. He broke the hermetic seal on the little shed that keeps his Cobra warm and dry.After a couple of cranks the Cobra roared .After a few instructions and a plea not to scratch the door ,Jake was strapped in the seat of Bob's prize car.No words can describe his joy. I have the pictures to prove it.
Bob has been a great friend, Source of information and inspiration I miss his weekly calls . I know he will be back and healthy soon. My prayers and wishes for a quick recovery are yours Bob Your Friends Jack Christman and Jake Dougherty at Ashland Street Bicycles PS Jake gets his license in June and would love to take the Cobra out for a spin!!!!

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