Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Snowboarder Bob Barci

I don't actually remember meeting Bob for the first time. I know it was at the Bike Factory and during the WASA skateboard contest era, early 80's. When I met Bob I knew immediately he was the master of the same sports that I am into, skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing.
Bob always has stories and insight into the industry and product developments that I care about and want to know the latest on. I will always remember him telling me about, "The Bob Plate." (He had made a custom pair of snowboard bindings out of white plastic and was proud to tell you how they were working.) I would see Bob almost every summer at Mt. Hood snowboarding.
He has stories about Carter Turk bombing the Mt. Baker hwy standing up and melting wheels off. He has stories about surfing in Washington in the 60's with a wool sweater, before wetsuits! Bob has the stories I want to know about and learn from. The number of people that have benefited from him is too many to count. Everyone, I mean everyone knows who Bob Barci is. Bob was instrumental in getting the first skateboard and snowboard contest series off the ground. Effecting thousands of young peoples lives and futures, including myself. The Legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom race was Bob's brain child!
Bob is close to our entire family and always good to us. He never grows tired of helping, sharing, and giving some good advise.
He dedicates his life to having fun with his friends, meeting new ones, and living. Bob has made a big impression on my life.

Thank you Bob-

matt cummins

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Larry said...

I called in my orders to Bob and we talked all about Vietnam. One of us always had to say we got to get back to work or we could talk all day. He was the reason I shopped at SBS as he was thorough and knowledgeable. Anyone who knew him will miss him terribly.