Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Path of Passion

A fool I am
That’s what I say
Trials and tribulations
Consuming most days
All seems irrelevant
With the news of your condition
Knowing your struggle
As it demands your submission
My focus turns to you
Capturing what I may
Your requests for my attention
To share stories of yesterday
Listen is what I’d do
While you share a thought
About what excites & engages you
Yet others, it may not
And shame sees me now
I only used one ear you see
I didn’t allow myself to hear
The full story of Bob Barci
Now I look back
And have a glimmer of satisfaction
Learn to be like you
Knowing you’ve walked
A path of passion

We all have wings
Not all will fly
You flew, Bob
And have inspired me to try.

By: Jeannie Klaiber
SBS Customer Service

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