Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bob Barci -- SBS rep

Our relationship with Bob is purely professional. He became our sales rep for SBS after Casey. After reading the various messages posted, it is wonderful to learn a little about the Bob we didn't know. But we're not surprised -- his passion and sincerity comes through in his voice over the phone. We want Bob to know that we always appreciate his prompt return of phone calls, how he always calls to let us know what items aren't in stock when we fax an order and how he remembers to let us know when an item that we want is back in stock. Sounds basic but very few sales reps can do these things consistently. He goes beyond the basics too and keeps us informed about special payment terms or sales, and he "went to bat" for us to get us a better freight allowance. Bob is also one of the few reps who never fails to thank us for the Hawaii themed calendars we send out every year. And he doesn't just thank us, he gushs over them! So we keep them coming every year! Take care Bob! Your board shoes will be tough to fill!!

Jayne & Jay Kim, Eki Cyclery, Honolulu, Hawaii

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