Friday, March 23, 2007

The FIrst Time I met Bob.

I will never forget the first time Bob and I met. The car club was setting up for the annual car show during Railroad Days in Snoqualmie. I had walked back to my car to pick up something and saw this fellow with a slight beard and a ponytail walking around the cars. I asked him if I could help him, his response was to ask me what all the cars were doing in Snoqualmie. I explained to him that our car club was putting on a show during Railroad Days. I asked him if he had a car, his response with a big smile was that he owned a replica Cobra plus some regular cars. As we walked towards my car, I asked him if he was interested in joining the club. He asked alot of questions regarding the club, like what we did besides the shows. Anyway I got a membership application out of my car and handed it to Bob telling him he should come to our next meeting. That was the beginning of a great and wonderful friendship. It has been my pleasure to have spent many enjoyable hours at shows, at the clubs many picnics, christmas partys and meetings.

Bobs passion for cars and the people in the sport has touched so many of us. His passion for life, his respect of everyone and his kindness will be with us all.

My thoughts are with you Bob and your wonderful wife Nancy.

Art Larson

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