Tuesday, April 10, 2007


On Tuesday, April 3rd, Bob Barci lost his 18 month battle with cancer. He was 60 years old.

Memorial Service, 10:30 a.m., Sat., April 14 at the Timber Lake Christian Fellowship in Redmond. For the complete & detailed obituary, directions, and on-line guest book , go to: http://www.flintofts.com/ .
In lieu of flowers, you can make a donation to the Hyak Volunteer Ski Patrol c/o Shirley Cummings 3005 Webster Point Road NE, Seattle, Wa 98105. www.hyakskipatrol.org

And to all in the NW, we at SBS encourage all to tune in to EVENING MAGAZINE Thursday evening, April 12th (on Channel 5). They will air a special tribute to Bob Barci. 7pm pst.



Bob Klein said...

I just saw Bob at the Baker Banked Slalom. I was headed outside, but I knew I couldn't leave without saying hello to the man I have been friends with since that fateful day in 1985. I am saddened beyond belief to read of Bob's passing. When I spoke with him in February, he seemed very positive and looked good for a guy battling cancer. I had no idea it was so far advanced, because Bob explained a bit, but seemed confident in the prognosis. I am so glad I took the time to say hello, but I guess it was really goodbye. Bob was always friendly and relaxed, even when Tom Sims and I argued at the first Baker Banked Slalom in 1985. Bob was accomodating and happy to make it work for everyone, even if it meant more trouble for him. Bob is a legend in snowboarding and his place in history is solid. I hope to help keep his name and image in the minds of anyone who has curiosity about the history of snowboarding. Without Bob and his support, the Banked Slalom may never have taken place and some of the great, legendary riders of the Northwest may not have been so succesful. My heart goes out to Nancy and to Bob's family, it appeared to me they were so close. Bob was a great man and I only wish I had more experiences with him. Bob's spirit will live in my memory forever.

Jack said...

It's with great saddness and a huge weight on my heart that I heard of Bob's passing recently. I haven't been in contact with Bob for a few years, and I didn't know of his cancer. Bob and I go back to the last couple of years in high school (Cascade High, 1964). He brought me into the Puget Sound Crestriders surf club and we made several trips together to La Push and Pt. Grenville surfing the 50 degree Washington coast waves. Bob and I made the first (and only) two Crude by Von Deutch surfboards in a mold we made by ourselves, in the attic of the garage at his Mom's house in south Everett. We spent many days hanging out, cruising the gut (Colby Ave.), and driving up to Steven's Pass to go skiing. Not long after high school, Bob and I and two other guys drove his 47 Ford to San Diego and spent a month surfing K38, Swami's, Pacific Beach and other warm-water spots before we were forced,for financial reason, to move back home with our parents. Those were idyllic times of cameraderie, exploration and fun, and I couldn't have had a better buddy to share those transition years into adulthood. We both went into the Navy at about the same time, but in different directions. We stayed in contact periodically over the years. I'll always remember Bob's incredible smile that lit up his whole face, his absolute truth and honesty about what he thought and felt, his passion for EVERYTHING that he chose to get involved with, his incredible attention to detail and his love for life and life's challenges. We were like brothers for a few years, and, Bob, I'll always hold you in my heart in that way.

Jack Leishman,
Talent, Oregon

beckles05 said...

Bob has been a part of my life, and my families, for as long as I can remember. When he was a member of Bikefactory my mom was the co-team manager and he was my first BMX sponsor. I raced BMX under his wing for about 8 years and I cant even begin to explain the enthusiasm, support and love he had for all of his riders. Both of my brothers rode right along side me and we all have very fond memories of our time on Bob's team. I am 20 years old and I now go to school at washington state university but I often look back at the hot summers full of fun, Laughter and BMX and I recognize him as a big part of that. No one could be as possitive, genuine and as caring as he was because it came so naturally to him. He is a man of great wisdom and a golden heart that will always be remembered.

Greatest Sympathy to his family..

Becca, Justin, Gary, Curt and Char Ayres

Old Kid said...

I never knew Mr. Barci. But I sure knew the BikeFactory. As a kid, if I was good, did the yard work, washed the car, whatever, my mom or dad would take me to the BikeFactory just to look around. At the new redlines or mongoose bikes. At the new kryptonic wheels or Sims skateboards. At the new gooseneck handlebars. At whatever they had out. I loved it there.

I'm 37. General Counsel for a huge financial conglomerate. I'm quitting next week to run a new skateboard company with my dad -- something we're starting on our own. I'm hope we're as successful as Mr. Barci. I hope there's some kid out there who will be as stoked to come into my store and dream about all the cool shit there is out there to ride.